About Dana Förlag

Your ability to create a life that is good for you, for those you have around you and in the extension for the society and our planet – that’s what we want to contribute with our books. With wisdom, warmth and your own will to development in focus.

In Swedish, “dana” means to create or design something in the way that is appropriate. Dana is also a Buddhist word. It refers to the generosity that Buddhists apply, for example in the giving of gifts. With our books we want to give a gift to the reader: something that speaks from one heart to another. Our publication focuses on mindfulness, brain research and personal leadership from a holistic and existential perspective.

Dana Förlag started book publishing in 2011. Our books are deeply founded and at the same time useful and concrete. Our ambition is to have low prices, and at the same time maintain a high quality of our books.

Dana Förlag has been run since 2011, driven by me, Peter Fowelin. I started publishing to publish books that can contribute to both your and our society’s development. I also conduct consulting activities – read more here: www.fowelin.com.

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